Parents, like socks and shoes, come in pairs – you’ve already had the post about my lovely mum (recap here), so this is about my dad.

When I was seventeen and wanting to study graphic design I remember having a car journey with my dad who turned to me and said, “I am emotionally and financially prepared for whatever you want to do”. Or at least words to that effect, it was a looonnnggg time ago. I remember it clearly as this is what sums my dad up – he didn’t have a clue what graphic design was (to this day, he still thinks it’s mainly colouring-in and ‘playing’ on the computer) and in truth, I’m sure if I had said I wanted to be a lawyer it would have brought a rare tear to his eyes. But here was a man, from a completely different generation, not understanding the arts but yet willing to support me through the process. I only hope when the kiddipops comes to me and says she wants to be an accountant/hippie/pop star I will be like my dad and stand tall behind her.

I also remember about 8 years ago, my dad said, “I regret never telling you both I loved you more”. Well, he didn’t have to – actions speak louder than words.