“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you
 can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward.

I love quotes like this – every day I receive an uplifting quote from Finest Quotes; it really helps give me a little boost. Don’t judge – whatever works.

My dream is a lovely big office space like this…

Not because I’m greedy (I have a perfectly good office space now) but because it’s the dream for hubby and I. You see, we’ve been together for 16 years (For Like Ever) – we work together, we rarely socialise apart, we do home renovation together; we are, in all purposes, a team. Some people think it’s weird that we spend so much time together, but it works for us.

So that’s why we would like the big space – to be even more together.

He can be doing his photography in the main studio area…

I can be in an office off to one side handling my business…

Clients could relax here…

We could cater for them here…

And all sit down to lunch here…

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

What’s your dream?

(Images via ?, DesireToInspire, ?, ?, ?, Emma’s Blog (P.S. I’m really sorry I don’t know where all these images are from – I’ve been storing them for months in my “Studio Inspirations” folder.)