No, that’s not my new mantra trying to gee myself up…I really have won something! And before you start clicking through to our website to get our address to send your begging letters to, no it’s not the lottery (otherwise I’d be posting a picture of my feet on a sunlounger in St Lucia). No, I in fact won the latest Cool Brands UK book, designed by Graham & Brown. And anyone who has ever heard me wax lyrical about brands, will know that this is verrryyy exciting for me.

And it was worth the wait (one night of wriggling anticipation) – it’s beautifully designed and the brands include many of my favourites from the large and established (Marmite) to the small and gorgeous (Abel & Cole). It makes you realise just how strong British enterprise is.

The only criticism I would have is that it’s a bit disappointing to see US brands like Maybelline when we have great makeup brands over here like Rimmel London. Just sayin’. I’ve put this down at the bottom because I don’t want to take away from what is, overall, a really great project.