A first post is a big responsibility. I know, I know, I’ve already done the “first post”, you say. But that was just the intro, the warmup speech…this is the start of the main headliner; where I actually have to keep you interested.

So when I saw this new project by Jenna of the SweetFineDay blog, I knew it was the right first post for me. Jenna, of Korean descent and married to Mark, who is white American, decided to start the Mixed Race Project. She sums up the idea as this:

“The Mixed Race Project is a glimpse inside the homes and lives of some of these multiracial families. I didn’t want to focus on taking traditional portraits – there is certainly enough visual documentation on the beauty of mixed race people out there already – but I felt that portraying families in the context of their homes made a stronger impression of how we live. Mixed race families are, in fact, just like any other American family. While the stories of these particular urban families are just a very small survey and do not represent the experiences of all multiracial families, these photos are candid portraits of what Mixed Race America looks like today.”

When I saw this project, it really resonated with me – I am half white and half black Caribbean (in it’s simplest form, there are a few other bits mixed in there) and I was fortunate enough to grow up in the Caribbean where I never felt that my racial mix was a problem or that I needed to choose between either – my friends were a healthy mix of everything. I can imagine though, that growing up in a majority white country, things may not have been so easy and I may have ended up seeing an entirely different person in the mirror to who I see now.

What Jenna has done is great – these days race is something we never like to talk about for fear of offending someone. So, for someone to take the bull by the horns and celebrate it, is wonderful; and she handles it beautifully, the camera effortlessly recording lovely snippets of family life. I can’t wait to see more.