Beautiful song huh? I’ve got a little story to go with it, that may interest you.

Before my first (and only) child, I was crazy-broody. I mean like everywhere I looked I saw kids that “could be ours” – the affliction even went so far as to force me to cut pictures of look-a-like kids out of magazines. Thankfully, I got pregnant; we knew we were expecting a girl and decided to name her Siena. One of the pictures Crazy-Broody-Tamsin had cut out of a magazine was a Dolce&Gabbana ad with a little girl in it – I hung this up at work and would say to my long-suffering friend, “That’s my little girl. That’s my Siena”. I, of course, blame hormones.

Anyway, flash-forward to a few weeks before Siena was born and myself and hubby were having lunch. Randomly, along came the owner of a model agency who hubby knows because he’s a photographer (don’t you worry, there’ll be other posts later showcasing his amazing talents) and with her was a cute little girl. “This is my granddaughter, Sienna”. We laughed and said we had also chosen that name. Off they went and as they turned a corner, it dawned on me…that was the same little girl in the D&G ad. What the hell are the chances of that happening??

Weird, no? But wait, it gets better.

A few days before Siena was born, my mother rang to tell me that they wouldn’t be coming over to London (they live a few thousand miles away) as planned, because my father was ill. Nothing to worry about, it was all under control, they couldn’t come right away but would come as soon as possible. I was cool with this and, as we were moving house, was somewhat pre-occupied anyway. As the days went by though, my dad returned again and again to my thoughts and as my parents had been together for-like-ever, this song, How ‘Bout Us by Champaign, kept popping into my mind; because they really can love one another for life. It was not a song I listened to regularly, it just kept randomly repeating itself in my head.

The night I went into labour, we had moved into our new house 2 days before – house completion was late, Siena was early, these things never work out the way you plan them. When the contractions started, hubby put the cot up and, as soon as it was done, it was time to go to hospital to meet our little Siena. We got in the car, hubby turned it on and BAM…on the radio – that same song. It was then that I knew everything was going to be just fine in the end.

Life, at the best of times, is a big ol’ mystery but sometimes, if you’re tuned in, it’ll let you know that you’re going to be alright.