My mother was in her mid-50s (about ten years ago) when she started designing websites. I knew designers who hadn’t even begun to get their heads around digital back then, and here she was conquering it. Amazing, no?

My father’s a lawyer and even though he says sometimes you have to be quite creative with what you tell the jury, I don’t think that’s where I get my creativity from – this post is about my very talented mum. In the 60s, you couldn’t have written a more bohemian script for her – she meandered around on a bike, rented an attic room in Notting Hill and carried her daily needs in a basket which she covered in fur. She even wore a cute bonnet as part of her wedding ensemble; the very essence of creative fabulousness. From her attic room she wrote amazing from-the-soul poetry, including “Rooftop Serenade”, published here with her kind permission.

bride of the rooftops i sit
with the sun-blessed, gray slates of London
amid the aerials, chimneys black with urban dust
people far, far below hurry, scurry
or wander aimlessly in the monotony of existence
momentarily exalted by the heat of a fake summer
unsuspected, undetected in its sudden appearance from the clouds
usurping the throne of stormy days
so many people unaware, uncaring of my presence on the rooftop
and with all this below, above, around
sweeping the entirety of all creation into one god-loving, god-hating humanity
i harbour one thought, one love, one reason for living and dying
the presence, the breath, though far from me at this moment
the blessed birth of you.

Unfortunately although I have her creativity gene, I only received a small portion of her social consciousness gene. For many years she has been working with The Bahamas Crisis Centre, an amazing organisation providing support to anyone who has suffered abuse. I can hardly even read the advice leaflets (it’s so distressing to even start to contemplate the hurt we humans can inflict on each other) so I can only imagine the courage and strength of self it takes to work at such a place – as well as designing many of their posters, brochures, website and running the blog, my mum also counselled victims.

This is her latest website for them –

You really should have a look – she’s done a great job and I am immensely proud of her.