I’ve had a thing for birds for a while – don’t worry our home isn’t filled with them (it would drive our cat crazy). But I love any sculpture, painting or rendition of a bird. I think it’s the whole freedom and flying-high ability that resonates with me. It’s the smaller birds I like – I’m not going to pretend I have an affinity with powerful hawks or masterful eagles.

When we were big-time into gardening (we’re really rock n roll the rest of the time, I promise), we used to have a robin that came and sang to us while we dug up the beds, purposefully leaving out worms for him/her. The next year two robins turned up – since they are solitary birds, I reckoned it was a mother and child. Maybe. Maybe not. Nice thought anyway.

So, when I saw these lovely paper bird sculptures by Andy Singleton on Ferm Living’s blog, I just had to share them with you.