Sometimes you come across a project so profound and so brave, that it touches you deeply. And, believe me, there are not many people who are brave enough to tackle such subjects. This is “One In Ten” – a very moving project about breast cancer from photographer, Nick Knight and stylist, Katy England. I know two people very, very dear to me who have been diagnosed with, fought, and survived, cancer. They are the bravest people I know. Reading the interviews with the women in this project left me in tears but I am grateful that they felt strong enough to share their stories. The more awareness that can be raised about cancer the better, to give the next person who discovers a lump, or suffers from strange symptoms, the strength to get it checked out.

I am truly inspired by this.

Here’s Nick Knight speaking about the project:
“I’ve addressed issues like size and age in fashion photography, and for some time I’d thought I should add breast cancer. The fact that Charlotte (Knight’s wife) had a breast cancer scare 18 months ago jolted me into doing something about it. One in ten women, or so I’m told, have breast cancer at some time in their lives. When I had to confront it with Charlotte, it seemed so negative, so overwhelming, because you always think: “It’ll happen to someone else.”

I wanted to photograph women who’ve had single mastectomies, double mastectomies or reconstructive surgery by showing them as being strong and sexy. So I decided that the pictures should have some kind of sexual connotation, to be titillating, if that’s the word. Katy (England, the stylist on the shoot) showed me a book of portraits by Irina Ionesco. They’re very sexual and, in fashion terms, right for the moment. If we’d been doing a fashion story, we’d have wanted to shoot it like that. We just happened to be doing a breast cancer fashion story.”

You can go to SHOWstudio to view more images and read the interviews.