Senhoa (pronounced “suh-no-a”) is a combination of two Vietnamese words – “Sen” (lotus) and “Hoa” (flower). A lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with breathtaking beauty, untouched by its impure surroundings. It is against this precise imagery that “Senhoa” was conceptualized to represent women and children, vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

Senhoa supports victims of human trafficking by providing income-generating opportunities, social reintegration and programs for self-empowerment. Senhoa currently has three core programs in Cambodia to aid the rescue, rehabilitation and education of young women sold into slavery. Senhoa is unique in that it operates as a social enterprise. Our programs are designed to provide economic opportunities to the survivors of human trafficking and vulnerable young women by training them to make high-quality jewelry. 100 percentf of proceeds from the sale of these individually handcrafted jewels go directly to fund Senhoa’s community development projects.

International model, Coco Rocha, has teamed up with Senhoa and designed seven really cool pieces which have been made by the women of Senhoa. You can read more about this great project here and purchase here; do good and look good – perfect.

Coco Rocha for Senhoa