Brockwell Hall

Brockwell HallBrockwell Hall, lit with celebratory coloured lights

We went to Brockwell Park tonight for Bonfire Night for a fantastic display of fireworks set to music from the last 200 years to celebrate the bicentenary of Brockwell Hall. Brockwell Hall is a beautiful Grade II listed building in the middle of the park, up on the highest hill. There were masses of people there, singing and dancing to the music and cheering after each display. It was great; a real feel-good time.

The kiddipops wrote a lovely poem:
The whirling firework whirling in the bright night sky.
The frightening firework flying up to the sky above us.
Twirling like a beautiful snowdrop, fireworks shining like they have never shined before.
By Siena Allen

FireworksFireworksFireworksThe Kiddipops


I’m quite partial to these ‘arty’ shots (taken as I walked up the hill).