Do you know Innocent Drinks? They make tasty, healthy drinks (and now vegetable pots) mainly aimed at children, but adults can join in the fun as well. I say fun, because as well as health, Innocent package fun into their drinks. Funny anecdotes and graphics, a friendly tone of voice and a very lateral way of looking at things make this brand a winner.

Just have a look at how they present their product lineup and it immediately gives you a flavour for how they operate…

Innocent drinks product line-up

They also do charity really well – and anyone hanging around this blog recently will know I have a great respect for anyone supporting the needy. Every year Innocent do a winter promotion, The Big Knit – this year 650,000 little wooly hats will be adorning their smoothie bottles to help raise money for Age UK. All of the hats are knitted by real people who send them in to Innocent, and 25p per hatted bottle sold is donated to Age UK to help make winter a little warmer for older people across the UK. Lovely. You can join their Facebook page for more fun and competitions.

I spotted the first brigade of knitted hat bottles in Sainsburys last week. How cute do they look?