I was shocked to hear today that one of the electrical giants, Comet (248 stores and 10,000 employees in the UK), has just been sold for £2. £2! How is that even possible? I’m not sure, but seems that it is. Luckily the buyer, Kesa, has promised £50 million worth of investment and will sustain the pension scheme. Now, this is not the type of blog post you’ll be used to reading around here, and indeed it’s all a bit gobbedly-gook to me but I know one thing – seems that there’s one hell of an economical sh*t-storm brewing. I can’t even bear to turn on the news these days, nothing but doom and gloom, which will only reduce confidence and stop people spending.

I’m no economics genius (clearly) but isn’t it all about confidence? Perhaps one of the reasons we have one of the slowest growing economies in the G7 is because of our negative sensational news over here. It’s always the same – open on a high or a neutral and then end on a low…and leave them low. Let’s get positive people! Still, if we can keep laughing, like these jokes I’m shamelessly plundering from the interweb, maybe we can just get through it.

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