The Secret Millionaire

Tonight I’ve watched yet another episode of the tear-jerker that is “The Secret Millionaire”. Each week, a self-made millionaire gives up their creature comforts and homelife and transports themselves to another city, on the lookout for empowering charities who selflessly help others in impoverished communities. The millionaires pretend to be anything but – documentary-makers mostly – as they get to know the local community. At the end comes the big reveal, “I’m not who I’ve said I am, I’m actually a successful businessperson and I would like to give you this cheque for…” Normally tens of thousands of pounds which will make a huge huge difference to the charity. Cue the tears – giver, recipient and viewer (me) – the millionaire also discovers something about themselves and there you have it – an absolute winner of a show.

You can watch lots of previous episodes here on 4onDemand. Get your tissues ready though…