Look, there’s Michelle Obama and her daughters taking the traditional delivery of their White House Christmas tree, delivered by horse-drawn carriage. Unfortunately I won’t be waiting in my preppy cardigan while someone delivers our hundred-foot tree – hubby and I will be shoving a slightly smaller version into the back of our Landcruiser instead of relying on shire horses. But when? Last year we got our tree at the beginning of December and it was dry with loads of needles dropping off by the 25th, so too early is not a great idea, but I’m feeling rather festive already. Of course, in my world ‘feeling festive’ only means standing in M&S’s Christmas section, staring at the Christmas card packs and festive scented candles, without actually making a decision. The kiddipops is already getting quite excited, so I guess it’ll be soon…when are you going to take the plunge?