We went to see ‘Hugo’ today and loved it.

With a return to story-telling, beautiful cinematography and true mastery of the film genre, Scorsese has shot and produced his first childrens’ film. In fairness, it is probably best suited to children aged 10-ish and above (even I found the middle sections a bit yawn-making) and despite asking me at the end, “What was that about?”, the kiddipops totally got the message in the story – never give up. A lesson to be learned by us all, Hugo tells the story of a young orphan boy and his friend who with the help of a mechanical man, solve an intriguing mystery. But no, it is not a white-knuckle thriller or a heart-thumping drama, instead it is a heart-warming tale of broken dreams and mended souls. It doesn’t have the bright colours, whizzes and bangs and quick-fire jokes that we have come to expect in children’s films, but it is a visual feast that forces us to slow down for a couple of hours and savour it. And when our modern lives have more whizzes and bangs than we can sometimes cope with, that is never a bad thing.