When in the middle of Christmas and winter it’s quite difficult to look at Spring Summer ad campaigns; but nonetheless they are being released rapidly on the interweb. I really like these new Prada ads – car patterns in the new collection led them down a glamorous car garage route; loving the retro cars, quirky compositions and bright, but not over-saturated, colours. Shot by Steven Meisel and art directed by David James (whose prolific art direction career you can read all about here).

This campaign is still not a patch on my most favouritest Prada campaigns ever – below. They are each so simple and beautiful in their own way.

SS05 / Shot by Steven Meisel, “I found a book on exotic birds that became the inspiration for the campaign. The birds were all photographed in a studio, in a way that made them seem almost human, and as if they were posing for the camera.”


SS97 / Shot by Glen Luchford, “There’s no digital manipulation in these images. Everything you see was done in-camera.”