When hubby and I were first dating we went to see Guru in concert (around 1995). The opening act was Ben Harper, but noone really knew who he was then (he had only just released his first album in the States). So, as everyone was still shuffling to their seats, getting settled and quietly chit-chatting, without any announcement a very unassuming young man came on stage with a strange instrument (a slide guitar, we later learnt), sat down and began to slowly mesmerise the audience.

Many years later (around 2002) for our wedding anniversary, we went to see Ben in his own concert; this time he had been with his group The Innocent Criminals for years and it was full-on. Gone was the shy man, in his place a powerful performer. My favourite moment was at the end when he hushed his band, stood forward on stage in a solo spotlight and, without microphone, sang a cappella to the audience. It was beautiful.

He’s always had special meaning for us and this is my favourite of his – “When She Believes” – because, you know, without being cheesy, we believe in each other.