I love food at the best of times (as many, many, many people would testify to), and love it even more when it is beautifully packaged like this work for Point G by Canadian agency, Chez Valois.

“Point G a French word, meaning the G spot… but make no mistake, don’t get any ideas, we are talking here about a gourmet spot, the rallying spot of all foodies! Because gastronomy mixes both pleasure and sensuality, it can be shared, offered, discussed… in flavours, colours, images and words. Chez Valois was mandated to review the overall identity of the Point G brand. The challenge of the mandate was both to express and evoke the pleasure of gastronomy while depicting the enthusiasm, passion and humour of the colourful chief proprietors of Point G, Thierry and Julien. The words appearing in fuchsia on the packaging are those associated with gastronomy and good food. Both catchy and intriguing, they surprise and titillate the imagination. The mouth-watering images depict the freshness and finesse of the product. The structural design of the boxes, in turn, provides the packaging platform with its distinctive character, enhances the sensory experience for the consumer, and allows for fun and engaging store displays.”

I love everything about it – the construction, the humour, the surface graphics, the colourful photography…