Design Options, a Californian forecast agency, have highlighted three separate spring 2013 fashion trends for women.

Artful with accents of agility and civilisation.
Burnt orange and brown tones of bewilderment and bemuse combine peaceful ideas and 1960′s flair. Deep burgundy and intense blue shades of Provencal and unadorned add a touch of delicacy on a canvas of timeless artistry. The key details are brocade, velvet, paisley and tribal prints.


Particular and naturally expressive.
Earthy tones of slate grey and rustic olive indicate notions of loveliness on a backdrop of silk georgette. Cornflower blue and teal hues of gracious debutante and femme fatale delicately draw attention to smoky accents. The key details for Natural Expression are metallic linen and rayon jersey.


The principal elements of unification.
Energetic and striking tones of orange exude deliberation and pragmatic intention. Grass green hues of iridescence fuse melodically with cherry red undertones creating the perfect unification. The key fabrics of Primary Circle are bamboo jersey and patent leather.

Via Fashionising