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I pinned pictures of this beautiful Parisienne apartment a couple of weeks ago, but I saw the images again recently on Automatism and just had to blog them here. This is totally my aesthetic, as right for a home as for an office. I love versatile spaces that are just pure inspiration.










Join the Awesome Campaign

We’re kicking off 2013 with this campaign for positive thinking, with free downloadable designs. We think 2013 is going to be absolutely awesome…and certainly if we think it can be, then it will be; thinking positively can help us achieve this. And that’s whatever ‘awesomeness’ means for each of us – in business, love, family, etc. Let’s all make 2013 awesome.

To help remind us of this daily, here are free downloadable designs for your electronics. They are also free to adapt for blogs, websites etc because the more people that join the campaign, the more awesome 2013 will be.


We’re going to take a little break over the Christmas season to eat, drink and be merry. And we’ll be back in January with our “2013 is gonna be awesome” campaign, with free downloadable iPad and iPhone screen backgrounds. Watch this space…

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

Way to rock a femme/funk look.

Big City Stiletto Sneaker, in black. From Nylon Shop

This is the photo Barack Obama posted on his Twitter, with the caption “Four more years”. This one picture sums up everything he is to me – real.

This man is solid gold.

PS. This is now offically the most re-tweeted tweet ever. Clearly, I’m in good company.

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